Business management advice

For the health and well-being of a company, we offer a few management advice based on the experience accumulated throughout our career as a business consultancy firm.

Notes related to organisational health, people and the company, the cash flow and the balance sheet. Recommendations to be taken into account when managing companies that we believe can help you to become more competitive and sustainable, improve habits and detect shortcomings.

Just as any self-respecting doctor prefers to take care of people before they get sick and suggest healthy lifestyles, we also prefer to advise the directors of organisations to ensure that their companies develop their full potential when there isn’t a serious problem that could cause irreparable damage.

Continuing with the simile of health and medicine, there are cases in which harsher and more complex interventions are required to return individuals to a state of fullness or simply save their lives. The same occurs with organisations; there comes a time when the deterioration is so great that drastic and rapid actions are required to return the company to the path of excellence or simply save everything that can be saved.

It’s always preferable to start monitoring when there’s no apparent cause for concern and plan a management style and programme that allows us to enjoy good health and anticipate future complications.

The chances of success grow exponentially when we create an environment of personal growth for the individuals within the organisation.

Let’s help people to do their best and face up to difficult situations with our thoughts focused on the solution and never regard them as the problem.

Any organisation is the sum total of the contributions of numerous individuals, and it’s difficult to achieve harmony when there’s no commitment among the people. Clearly communicating the organisation’s goals and challenges is the first step towards securing this commitment.

The organisations set to achieve success in the future won’t regard people as a necessary burden or as a means of production. The relationship between the company’s directors and the other workers won’t be one of food in exchange for work; there must be a comprehensive approach encompassing the people, to enable them to develop harmoniously and perform their roles within the organisation to the full.

Providing our partners with the means for their personal growth is a good starting point for managing excellence within the company.

The financial experts say that companies die as the cash flow deteriorates. This is why so many managers live with the cash flow in mind whether they’re awake or asleep.

I’m not going to deny the importance of the cash flow, but this shouldn’t prevent us from reviewing the balance sheet with care and vigilance. This painstaking study of the balance sheet figures will alert us to potential imbalances and, at the same time, provide us with clues about how to improve the financial health of the organisation.

Selling the assets that aren’t necessary for the smooth running of the business and using the funds generated to improve the factors key to the success of the organisation are decisions that can provide a great deal of satisfaction and ones that generally go unnoticed because the managers are focusing on other issues.