Evaluation service for companies and projects

At Ammegest we offer a company and project evaluations service for purchase and investment projects at external companies or internal evaluation projects.

To evaluate investments at other companies and takeovers, we recommend evaluating and preparing the purchase in sufficient time to develop a comprehensive business plan that takes into account the potential acquisition of the new business. At the moment of setting the price, we should always consider the benefits it will bring. If the strategic fit isn’t coherent and if the benefits aren’t fully defined, we must reflect before advancing further.

When it comes to improvement projects, once the goals have been set, we design the proposal for action with the customer and contribute to monitoring the development of the plan and the fulfilment of the objectives.

In situations of evident imbalances within the organisation, the causes are assessed and the required changes are proposed. These may be mild or drastic ones, depending on the problems that are encountered.

When the state of the company or organisation is particularly serious, the solution always involves undertaking comprehensive management of the company.

An important part of the company evaluation process is to identify the people who constitute the “pillars” of the organisation.


During internal evaluation projects:

  • It’s always better to act before the problem occurs. The proposals for action in this phase are gentler and can be delayed in time to be applied effectively. It’s all about establishing improvement and maintenance processes and adjustments to the style and form of the management.
  • When the problem is already evident, we have to act rapidly and without delay. An energised and sustained effort is required, with speedy actions based on the evaluation previously made. Specific, clear and even drastic objectives are set.
  • If the company’s in a really bad situation, close to bankruptcy, it’s usually too late to save it all. Even so, we focus on the continuity of its operations, saving as many jobs as possible, and minimising any losses for shareholder and creditors.
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