Aligning people and strategy

Aligning people and business strategy is one of the purposes of the interventions that we carry out in our consultancy service for companies.
People and strategy are two key factors in bringing to fruition any strategic plan that seeks to improve the financial health of a company and achieve business success by committing to sustainable growth aligned with human capital.
At Ammegest we believe that when it comes to addressing current challenges it’s essential for companies to make good use of the new technologies. Of course it is! But we often neglect human capabilities in the definition of the strategy. To promote growth and innovation, we must define the strategy while taking people into account. If we only think about the technique, we’ll soon realise that something is missing in the development of the strategy, we’ll see that we can’t move forward as we’d proposed in the business plan.
To maintain a constant performance we must put people at the centre of the strategic plan. We must look for talent, in and outside the organisation, outline the skills that are required to adequately carry out each task and establish a continuous training plan for the company in question from the outset.
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