Defining the purpose of the organisation

The purpose of the organisation drives what it does. It has a profound impact on the results and it’s the element that helps to keep people working together with a true team spirit. But it isn’t uncommon to talk to managers who don’t know what the purpose or objective of the company is, as they just want to increase the profits and attract customers and they don’t realise that it isn’t possible to improve the performance or energise the employees without a clear purpose.

The purpose, the thing that moves us all together towards a common goal, is a mixture of our abilities and interests and the benefits we offer to others, whether they be customers or individuals linked to the organisation in some way.

At Ammegest we don’t define your purpose, but we do help you to set it forth clearly and reach out to everyone. We rely on personal research, discovering everyone’s intimate motivations, those of the members of the company and its customers or users, and then analyse the results of this research to define a clear goal.

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