Social impact and sustainability initiatives

Setting goals to improve our social impact and sustainability are essential for achieving short and long-term success.

Organisations must innovate in a sustainable manner, achieve profits while reducing their environmental impact, create prosperity (not only in the short term) and generate positive consequences for future generations. Companies and organisations must have positive effects on the societies in which they carry out their activities. This means generating wealth in a sustainable way.

The opportunity to create new businesses and new ways of doing things is clear, but the way of transforming the organisation to succeed within a sustainable framework is not so obvious. To create a competitive edge, companies and organisations must incorporate a firm commitment to the environment and social improvement. Only with this general approach to sustainability will they be able to design and develop winning management models.

Growth is generally regarded as a matter of sales and profits. For us, growth also means increasing the standard of living of the population and contributing to conserving the natural and wild elements of the planet.

Project in Kenya Ammegest

At Ammegest we help our customers to innovate and identify solutions to grow sustainably.

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