About us Ammegest

Ammegest is a company that assists both SMEs and large corporations in improving. Transformational change for the better is always possible and driving such a change is our goal. During the improvement processes we always place people at the centre of our actions.
Our business consultancy seeks to analyse not only the financial health of the business, but also the working environment and atmosphere, leadership and team management matters, business development operations and the social impact of business projects.

Management advisors

We propose the application of systems in which transparency predominates. We help directors to take a fresh look at the technical, organisational and ecological criteria that they employ within their organisations. We’d like to facilitate winning change. We want to introduce highly effective solutions into each company, so we analyse their particular details. These will enable us to design the most economically viable solution, one which, at the same time, is in harmony with nature. Our proposals help companies in their aim of efficiently and profitably meeting the needs of human beings.

For many years I’ve managed companies, all of them within the industrial sector. Developing managers and helping them along their path to success has always been a key aspect of my style. Witnessing the successful careers of my directors has formed the part of my professional life that I’ve most enjoyed.

When I turned sixty, I decided to seek a career change and focus on helping managers who’d reached different stages of their professional lives to shape the future.

Commitment and enthusiasm are essential. Having a proactive attitude and feeling excited and committed to your purpose is the way of reaching the peak of your potential. My mission is to help you to achieve your career goals and lead a satisfying life.

Everything we’ve achieved as human beings has first been created in our minds. Therefore, exercising them and setting the fruits of our thoughts in motion in a passionate and structured manner will enable us to reach the destination we’ve set ourselves.

Has it been a challenge? Yes, of course, but, because I do what I want to do, all the pieces fit together and I’ll continue along this path for as long as I see that my actions help my customers and their organisations.

Andreu Pérez, director executiu d'Ammegest

Andreu Pérez Santiago

Managing director of Ammegest

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