Goal: to achieve a healthy organisation

Our purpose is to achieve global welfare at all levels of the company and to develop business strategies and solutions to meet current and future needs.

At Ammegest we believe that the health of an organisation or company is more than just the absence of losses. This is why our objective, what show us the way, is the intelligent coordination of people, work, capital, nature and society.

The health of a company isn’t solely reflected in its financial statements, as it interacts with the society it’s located in, with nature and with people’s daily activities.

The organisation affects and is affected by everything and everyone. Balancing it all is the key to a healthy organisation.

Our fundamental approach to securing a successful company involves reaching a state of balance between the above-mentioned factors, a balance between people, work, capital, nature and society.

We want to contribute to the transformation of society, striving with individuals and organisations to integrate people, the community and the environment in a mutually beneficial relationship.

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