Methodology and praxis

Our work methodology and praxis consist of identifying and resolving the different problems facing companies upon the basis of four lines of action: analysis, diagnosis, planning and implementation.
We want to help our customers to resolve complex problems, revolutionise the way in which they do business and transform the world by analysing aspects such as work habits, schedules, work-life balance and the working environment.

How do we do it?

  • The first line of action in the fight against any business problem is to remove its cause.
  • So we investigate the cause of the problem. This may lie in or outside the organisation.
  • We perform a diagnosis and define the path for improvement to be followed.
  • We establish a management style and plan allowing the company to achieve its goals and prevent future crises.
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Intensive method

One intensive week at the company and a proposal for actions if they’re deemed necessary.

Ongoing support method

One hour every fifteen days for six months.
These are non-invasive interventions to rectify different aspects of the business management and operations. The objective is to develop strategic plans to enable the company to prosper and achieve business success.